Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted

You are free to disagree with me. I disagree with me often. You are free to choose your own course in life as long as you are okay with the consequences in this life or the next. What you are not free to disagree is what the Scriptures teach about God and the way we are to live our lives.

Ron Citlau writes as a friend and a someone who struggles, not as an enemy. He speaks out of his challenge of the things that are seemed to promise fulfilment actually prove to be obstacles to the same-sex attracted person in the gay identity, marriage or spiritual friendship. There is a thin line of playing with sin and not being affected by it. However, there are gifts provided that make living as the person with same-sex attraction.

I know that once I publish this review, there will be negative reviews and I am okay with it. However, I write as someone who has done his homework to educate myself on the issues facing people with same-sex attraction in an effort to minister them.

I did not get paid to write a review, either positive or negative, but I did receive a free book through Cross Focused Review in exchange for this review. 

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